Ksenia Kamikaza - DJ & producer, founder of 'Platz für Tanz' label. Based in Tbilisi / Georgia, she travels around playing electronic music at festivals & clubs like fabric / London, Kater Blau / Berlin, Dommune / Tokyo, GAMMA Festival / St.Petersburg to name few. She have performed alongside with such artists as DASHA RUSH, VATICAN SHADOW, ANSWER CODE REQUEST and others.

A one-woman orchestra that has never failed to puzzle her surroundings. Music creator, selector, event promoter, radio hostess, label owner, club manager, festival bookings manager, traveler, mother of two daughters and most importantly, a partygoer. Yet, she tends to quintessentially concentrate her energy on delivering artisan events and global & regional performances.

Over the years in post-soviet Latvia, the defiant youth have embraced techno as a revolution ideology. One of those was Ksenia. Domestically originating from a line of musician, she spent her life digging deeper into electronic & experimental music hence optimizing her assortment of ambient, deep house, nu jazz and IDM records. And in 2003, that was an inspiration for her to join the Intelligent Beats radio show as a host and presenter on Silver Rain Radio (Russia).

Four years from that milestone, Ksenia founded the Platz fur Tanz label. The concept was curated to function as a promotional team and evolved to release contemporary electronic music. Throughout the years, the label has collaborated with Deadbeat, Jonas Kopp, Smash TV, Stewart Walker, Pan/Tone, Funk D'Void, Agaric, Alexkid, Andre Lodemann, Peter Schumann, Monkey Brothers, Dirk Leyers, Cheh, Mihai Popoviciu and many further artists.

 As a music-producer Ksenia Kamikaza (aka Naive Dreamer) has released several EPs, and in year 2015 she published her debut album "Japanese Georgians", which has been true musical experimentation and self expression: it includes Ksenia’s love and vision of downtempo, IDM, broken beats and techno.

 Having good connections with artists through all these years, in year 2017 Ksenia and a team of true music fans have decided to organize electronic music festival called UNDER in Riga / Latvia. The festival has becоme a good tradition and is happening annually. The festival has hosted such names as APPARAT, KASPER BJØRKE, VOISKI, dOP, CHRISTIAN LÖFFLER, LUIGI TOZZI, SCHWEFELGELB, BYETONE, PREQUEL TAPES, ANTIGONE, ARTEFAKT, FRANçOIS X, SHLøMO and many more electronic music artists.