STORY BEHIND: Over 20 years ago my best friend used to call me Kamikaza. Later, another friend asked me if kamikazas were Japanese Georgians, because it sounds like a mixture of these two languages. I laughed then and loved the idea. So when I've started writing this album it came naturally to call it "Japanese Georgians", beacause all what you are going to hear is very personal.

Every track of the album has its own story and will have its own video as a visualisation of emotions I've put in each and everyone of them.

I think that contemporary music, especially techno, is missing a concept behind it. Nowadays all modern art has become conceptual, but not so many musicians are making videos or writing about their creations. This album is going to be different.

BIG THANKS FOR SUPPORT TO: Greg Eversoul, Alina Cvetkova, Ivan Jengashev, Eriks Kriviņš, Marius Tikuišis, Ann Maliatski, Svetlana Shishko.





Platz für Tanz label is excited to announce 'Japanese Georgians', the debut album from Riga's Ksenia Kamikaza. Though Ksenia producing for more than a decade, she found a vision and inspiration for her first LP only now. Famous for her expressive performances, Ksenia Kamikaza has put a lot of emotions into the record, as well as her wide knowledge of electronic music as a DJ and music journalist.

There are no fashionable diversions into dance music. "Japanese Georgians" definitely can be considered as experimental record. Here we experience light of love, deepness of the mind, shade into downbeat electronica and will to move forward. Ambient landscapes are leading to techno perspectives through abstract and deep house rhythms with feminine and wicked vocals. Music not as function to dance but as exploration of art.

Opening with the deep and distant piano chords of "Minchelina" Ksenia brings us to her philosophic vision of love ("Milestiba" means Love in Latvian). As not so many listeners will understand words, it makes you listen to mysterious voices by your heart, and it puts you in the constructive but beautiful world of sounds. Followed by dark atmosphere of "Exploring" we are coming out to light and fragile structure of "Wonderful World" where Ksenia is searching for answers for eternal questions again and again. It seems that soft beats and emotional honesty of this track in combination with the gentle vocal of Latvian singer Diana Payton is a sophisticated decoration of the whole record.

The rhythms are coming, and we find ourselves in dusky city, where "Joe The Hero" lives. This track keep a strong balance between melancholic techno and witch house giving us a wide range of versions who the Joe can really be.

Collaboration with Tokyo based MacAvoy, "DD1" has two ways of development: first, dubby vision of techno space by Ksenia, second, funkier but monumental story by Simon.

"Going After" is rhythmic interplay richly textured by atmospheres, tripping from experimental to dancefloor and back again. The right point of getting faster and listen to a unadulterated, pummelling techno rhythm of "Journey In Your Pocket" where pumping percussion meets clear accents and reminds us of bouncing tracks back in the 90s.

"Japanese Georgians" sounds challenging and harmonic, and hopefully, it will be followed by other non-trivial production.